Friday, 5 June 2009

A Fashion-y post

I was reading The Cherry Blossom Girl blog today, which then led me to the Julia blog, and both of these girls had posts about what's in their bags. I've always loved this in magazines, so I thought I'd contribute my own version. Here are the usual contents of my bag, (minus, of course, some stray crumbs, coins and scrunched up peppermint teabags that were also there):

Jewelled scrunchie
miessence pen
miessence intensive body cream (for Jack's eczema)
miessence aroma-free deodorant
miessence rose petal hydration mist
miessence jaffa lipbalm (cannot survive a day without it)
miessence lipcreme in plum
Eluysion lipgloss (another organic makeup brand)
Mobile phone (I know it is ancient but it is cute and has a mirror!!!)
Thumb drive
Herron (paracetamol)

(It probably looks like I staged this photo to promote miessence products, but I really do use them constantly!)
The main bags/totes I use at the moment to carry all this stuff include this black one:

that I bought recently from Target,
this purple one,

with the best tartan lining,

that my sister got me for my birthday,

and another purple one,
that my Mum gave me for Christmas.

These are my favourite bags at the moment!

What do you have in your tote bag?


  1. This is probably the only time that I am not embarrassed by the mess in my bag. It contains a mirror, tissues, a torch, and some panadol – all in my lovely new purple bag.
    My work bag? Now that’s another story...

  2. After our discussion this afternoon, I wanted to check out your latest entries!

    BTW, Laura fell in love with the first rose card as well - we must have very similar tastes.

  3. oh! thank you so much for your lovely comment and the link! i like that kind of posts to! great post!


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