Friday, 26 June 2009

End of an era

How I will remember him. At his best.

In 1984 I was in a dance troupe that performed Thriller at a Halloween Ball. In 2009, my 10 year old son's class performed Thriller for his school assembly item. That's 25 years.

Whatever people say, (and I'm not sure what I think about much of the controversy he created), it cannot be denied that Michael Jackson was a brilliant, dancer, performer, musician, and his influence will be felt for many generations to come.


  1. I agree Wendy...i remember him as that little boy out front of his brothers group singeing and daning his heart out... he was differnt because of all of us...he never had the chance to be "normal" really... did he? And then we condemnded him for it...who answers for that? loved some of his early songs...not a true fan but i appreciate the mark he left on the world of music.

  2. it was all so sudden and until now it seems like untrue. Like Nettie, i would love to remember him from his videos when he was a boy singing with his brothers. he really has influenced the music industry in such an enormous way that his music will live on for as long as there is music.

  3. Not only did he give us some amazing music, he pioneered the use of video clips as art. I read today that 'Billie Jean' was the first clip on MTV from a black performer. I had never thought of him as a race rights pioneer, but it is just one more thing he has given the world.


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