Saturday, 13 June 2009

My heroes on Foxtel

You'd call it something different where you are, but our six months affair with pay tv has been blissful! We pretty much only watch the Lifestyle, How To, Fox8, Disney and Movie channels, but that's more than enough, and normal tv has gone out the window!

In case you don't go there yourselves, I wanted to introduce you to a few Foxtel stars that have all the know how and personality to go with it.

This is Mary Portas from Mary Queen of Shops.

Each week she finds a clothes store that is not making money, and transforms it and it's owners, managers and assistants until it has a booming trade. The show has the same appeal for me as the Ramsey Kitchen Nightmares had, minus the swearing. Mary tells it like it is and she really knows her stuff. I am into overhauls, and possibly if I had the luxury of it I would do it all the time! Mary transforms people's worklives and inspires passion. I love it!
This is Kristian Digby from Open House, and To Buy or Not to Buy (he's been in other shows too.)

Camp as a row of tents, but funny, adorable and great eye candy! In this new show, Open House, he stages a house for someone, has an open house for one day, and tries to get people to put in an offer on the day. Power selling! Doesn't always get an offer, but he has fantastic tips for staging a house and what to say when you take people through it.

And this is Shannon Lush from Lush House.

Shannon originally restored paintings and has accumulated a wealth of knowledge over the years of ways to remove stains, and fix house 'problems'. Each week she goes to a different house, teaches the family how to declutter, clean, manage, store, rearrange and make their house squeaky clean with natural products, mainly bi-carb soda and white vinegar! I am learning so much from her!


  1. send that Kristian Digny to my house ...maybe he could get someone to buy it ...i know it is the wrong time to sell...being winter and all.... i wish it would i am over cleaning a big house ...(owww just realized i am showing my age powerhouse like i used to be...slowing down)

  2. hi Wendy,
    i dont get too watch tv that much but when i do I like to watch the shows at the lifestyle & living channel and the cooking shows too=)

  3. I absolutely love, love, love Mary Queen of Shops. Being Scottish the name of the show drew my attention, then from the first viewing I was hooked! I also love Lush house and have stopped using a lot of the harsh cleaning products since watching that show.

    We have the same taste in TV shows for sure.


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