Friday, 6 February 2009


I knew it would take me ages to get back to blogging, but I finally made it! The day before school started I spent an hour or so adding the finishing touches:

Dress up clothes on the rack, reading cushion and posters in place...

fishing rods untangled.

The whole view. And Jack. Looks a bit cluttered, but it is really just the angle.

This angle is better. And perhaps only because I know how bad it can get!

And then we went to the beach for our last flirtation with freedom!!

By 'freedom', I mean not having to get up early and rush, rush, rush every morning. I'm a pretty laid back (or is that lazy) person, and full steam ahead before 10am is tricky for me. Only being honest.

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  1. OK i really want to come back to school now ...what dress up clothes do you have there... they look so interesting... Jack looks like he was having a great time in both places...


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