Thursday, 26 February 2009

The Cheshire Cat

Can you remember how confusing the Chesire Cat was in the movie of Alice in Wonderland? It was quite nightmarish really, especially when his body used to disappear so only his grin could be seen. Quite a frightening, disorientating movie all round really. But you've gotta love the variety of the characters, and of course, their bright colours. Well I do!


  1. I totally agree with you.. i remember seeing the movie at the old George Town picture Theatre and that Chesire Cat was by far scary along with that wicked queen ..... i am loving these drawings many do you plan to do????

  2. Not sure, I think I'll have to watch the movie again to be certain I've got all the main ones. I definitely have to do the March Hare, and the Caterpillar.

  3. I always wondered what a cheshire cat looked like?

    Guess who

  4. Fabulous Wonderland drawings! I think I might go out and buy that movie on the weekend.


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