Monday, 9 February 2009

What do your keys say about you?

I thought this might be an interesting question to ask yourself. Take a look at your keys to read a little of your personality and life.

My friend, Emma, gave me the little Kimmi friendship doll, because she knows I love Japanese/Chinese things. Jack bought me the Chinese Dragon in glass from the Salamanca markets in Hobart, Tasmania (one of my favourite places). And I got the Cadbury key ring from the Cadbury Chocolate Factory in Hobart (love, love, adore chocolate!) Also, purple is one of my favourite colours to wear.

Looking at the keys themselves, I have a car key, house key, classroom key, playground key and 2 suitcase keys. From this you can tell I am a teacher, I drive, I have a home to go to, and I like to travel!

So, without quickly going to the shops and buying any glamorous key rings (no cheating!) let's see what your keys tell us about you! You can leave a comment here or a link to your own blog if you wish.


  1. Oh that is awesome Wendy ...i will post mine on my blog and encourage my friends to do it too...great idea...

  2. I want to know what your keys say about phantom of th opera?????????? love from your very frustrated best friend who isdying to know x

  3. Ha! I nearly bought a Phantom of the Opera key ring at the show. But I really wanted to buy bigger things so I could make a display (shrine!!) Next time I'm at the shops I need to get a frame for my Phantom poster (can't shorten the name, the initials would be POO or POTO...not good), and a red, feathery, sequinned masquerade mask. Can't waaaiiitt!


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