Friday, 6 February 2009

A dang good read

Just had to tell you that I just read an amazing book called The Weight of Water. I really like Anita Shreve's writing; it's poetic, detached, and explores human frailty. The settings are always bleak, to match the state of mind of the characters. That doesn't sound like happy reading, but, man, it's intriguing! It's a murder mystery too, for those who like a bit of gore. Highly, highly recommended!


  1. she is an amazing author...i read her book "The Pilots Wife" ...great read... I have such a list of recommended books now i dont know where to start?? Thanks Wendy!!!!!

  2. bummer, I was just at the library today and do you know I came out with nothing for me!!!! But about 15 books for Hattie! AND Rowan under the other arm!


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