Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Books Glorious Books!

Have read these three books recently. This first one is a about a naughty ghost trying to seduce a modern day man. Great ending! Lovely descriptions of Greece.

This one is a kid's book I picked up at the school library, because I liked the look of it. It is part of a three book set about the same house in different eras with different families living in it. Love that idea, and I love stories that have a house as one of the main characters. Because I LOVE houses! Great for girls about 9 or 10 to read.

And the piece de resistance,

What a fantastic book!!!!!! Love the cover (nice clothes!), love that it is about sisters, aunties and a very lovable dad. Can see it as a movie, so was able to picture all the characters in my mind's eye. At two inches thick you'd think it would take ages to wade through, but it was easy reading, a straight forward narrative and such an interesting story. Absolutely delightful, and another highly, highly recommended read, especially for anyone with one sister or more, or lots of aunties! Another bonus is that much of it is set in Hobart, so it seems even more familiar, and will appeal to you Tassie folk! By the way, I bought it because I knew it was a best seller and it was only $12 from Kmart. Great buy!!! Also, for those people in reading groups or bookclubs, there is a section of discussion questions in the back of the book.


  1. i love it that you have time to read books as well... those faraday girls is on my list too.... i have just finished a judy nunn novel... about the snowy River Scheme and the migrants .... particularly some german jews with a Nazi death camp experience... rather disturbing in her graphic accounts is our judy...

  2. I have seen the Faraday book in the store before and wanted to read it... I have a thing for the name Faraday! I'm just over half way through the last Twilight book. They have been completely consuming. xx Kris

  3. I watched a documentary about the Snowy River scheme; it was so interesting, and the work accidents were really nasty!

    Yes, the Twilight books were brilliant! Did anyone end up seeing the movie? I guess I'll wait to see it on DVD or Foxtel, now.

    Kris, I'll give the Faraday Girls book to mum first, and you can read it after her. Would you like to read it after Kristie, Aunty Anne? I'd be happy to send it to you. We can start a cross country book swap!


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