Sunday, 22 February 2009

The Mad Hatter

Okay, so here's another one. The Mad Hatter. I love his hat!
Thanks for your kind words everyone! You make my day.


  1. NO kidding we have to do this quilt... start sending me the proofs and i can have them made into iron transfers .... i am already looking for matching heart and stripes, rabbits and playing cards material...nothing elaborate ...just squares and tram tracks...what do you think???/

  2. After my initial vision of the quilt I realised it would be impossible for me to do without heaps of time, a sewing machine and knowledge of how to sew!!!!However, I've come round to the idea again, with your enthusiasm!
    Draw me a picture of the layout, so I can get an idea what you mean, because I don't even know what you mean by train tracks?!
    Am I sending the pictures by email or snail mail? Your ideas for materials are similar to mine, so sounds good!


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