Saturday, 21 February 2009

Having a moment

I've killed my camera!!! Seriously, it must have got water in it when I put my drink bottle in my bag. I'm beside myself. Jonathon's beside himself. I have so many photos to take! We just went shopping, and I bought some pretty new scrapbooking papers, and embellishments. And some DVDs. And I've been scrapping all week, and my new inspiration, is drawing. Never thought I'd be able to say that, but I read a picture book at school, and I was inspired by the very simple drawings. I've had an obsession with Alice in Wonderland lately, (since both Nettie's Nostalgia and the Parsons Happenings posted photos of the play they saw), so I've been drawing the characters this last week. Wanted to show you...Waaaaahhhhhh! What will I do without my camera!!!!!!!!! I should have looked after it better. I know it. I'll get back to you with new photos when I can. It'll probably be a while. I might be able to fill in with some photos from the vault, while I'm waiting. Bear with me.


  1. I always wonder is it, 'Bare with me' or 'Bear with me'... just checking!! You should scan some old photos, that would be! haha. Love you xx Kris

  2. Thanks for the idea about scanning. I totally forgot about that, as I'm always taking photos! Don't know about the old photos thing - ugh (shudder)! I'll scan in my drawings and scrapbooking though. Love you right back xxxx

  3. oh no Wendy...cant beleive you did that.... i lost my camera the other day too...the little trusty one that i have taken so many pics with...and still am while i am here in hoabrt.... of course hattie knew exactly where it was...i will post some pics she took with it.... have you got insurance????? it might be covered on your policy...could give it a try.....


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