Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Dog Cloud

Tell me you can see the dog-shaped cloud in this pic? 
It was fully hovering in the sky in front of all the other clouds.
I'm not crazy am I?

Day 3 of



  1. yes yes yes ...i see the dog...good call Wendy...loved the last three posts too...have been slack myself not catching up...the garden has been calling me since the weather has started to get better...i will post some pics soon...befores and afters ya XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    1. I saw some of your garden pics with Uncle Kelvin and Arliss. It's looking so good! thanks for the book, too! It's always such a nice surprise to get goodies in the mail - you're spoiling me! Luv to all xxxxxx

  2. Ooops apologies for removing my previous post due to typo errors.

    No way, you're not crazy at all Wendy, I can see a dog as clear as in your gorgeous cloud pic ;)

  3. I see him indeed - looks like a Scottish terrier.


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