Friday, 5 October 2012

Photo a Day October - Day #5 - Shadow

When I was watching the flame throwers in Fremantle on the weekend, I accidentally took this photo of someone's shadow. I didn't even know I had taken it until I was looking through my film later!

Handy, because I didn't take any photos at all today, and I didn't even go outside much today, as during one of my sneezes last night I heard and felt something pop near my rib cage, and it has been giving me even more pain today than it already was! So it's been a pyjama day for me while I've cuddled on the couch with one heat pillow on my back, and one on my ribs while watching re-runs of Friends. I'm going for an x-ray on Monday to see if I really have broken my rib now. Sure feels like something's going on in there.

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  1. We had the twins the other day and Sean was having a lit of fun "manipulating" his shadow. Doesn't take much to entertain a 3 year old. :-)


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