Thursday, 4 October 2012

Photo A Day October - Days #3 and #4 -

Yesterday, the theme for Photo A Day October was This Happened Today:

I had a haircut to get rid of all those nasty, nasty split ends! And, because the greys keep creeping in and making me look washed out, I had a colour too. Amazing how much better you can feel after having your hair coloured, washed, massaged and cut - bliss! (p.s. I am aware I have crazy eyes in this pic, it was very windy and I was trying to see past that stray hair.)

Today, the theme is What You Read. Apart from translating the pictures in an Ikea instruction booklet to make shelves for my wardrobe (squeeee!) I have been reading this book:

There are some great hints and tips throughout this book, mainly about clothes and how best to wear them, which is fitting, as I am in the middle of a wardrobe overhaul, but also tips about buying presents for people,  first aid tips, travelling tips, and lots, lots more. A great book of knowledge to return back to time and again.

Take a look at Fatmumslim's blog to find more Photo a Day info and photos!


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