Wednesday, 10 October 2012

In My Mum's Garden

Popped into Mum's yesterday, after having my x-ray (which revealed no broken bones or pneumonia, thank goodness, although I feel even more sympathy for those with cracked ribs and pneumonia because it must hurt worse than the pain I've got!).

It was a sunny day, so we went out into the garden, and I took some photos of Mum's glorious flowers:

This little fellow hiding amongst the plants was made by my Uncle Keith - clever, hey?

Hope these pics brightened your day!

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  1. Thanks for linking up your beautiful images.
    They did brighten my day

    Trish - My Little Drummer Boys

  2. Yep it's definitely spring. Love spring so many beautiful flowers.

  3. I love checking out flowers up close. So beautiful.

  4. We've had some beautiful Spring weather and those flowers look lie they are loving the way I am impressed with your reading list too. xx

  5. Nothing better than a garden full of colour. Wish I had more than just brown and green in my yard.

  6. I love me some spring flowers. Gorgeous.

  7. i love those sort of plants ..geraniums pelargoniums..they thrive in the heat and in sandy soils... our soils and temperatures are too rich and too cold for them to thrive like that...lucky mum....glad you are all OK Wendy....Take care...XXXX

  8. Gorgeous flowers on what looks like a beautiful day. Good news on the xray results!


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