Thursday, 4 October 2012

Holiday Fun

It's Thursday, and time to play along with A Snap, A Set and A Song. The theme this week is Teal, but, as my last SS and S post was in teal, I thought I'd go back a week and play along with the Holiday theme, as I was too frantically busy last week to join in! And now, I really am on holiday, so it's timely.

Anyways, here is my snap, which you've already seen this week, but which I am still loving:

We didn't go on this ferris wheel, but I loved that the chairs were bright red!

My set continues the theme of red, and ferris wheels, and fun:

Holiday Fun

Coast silk blouse
$115 -

Polo ralph lauren
$99 -

Rebecca minkoff

Heart jewelry

Blue nile

Red hat

Napoleon perdi

Mac cosmetic

Versace perfume

Viva la diva
$7.99 -

Art for a nursery carnival photo childrens wall art ferris wheel...

My chosen video is not so colourful, but the lyrics and mood of this clip are radiant! 

Hope you are having happy holidays too!

Check out some more Snaps, Sets and Songs at Thea's blog over here:

This is the 4th Day of Blogtoberfest!



  1. Love your take on Holiday!!
    I haven't seen your snap before, I should pop over here more often! What a great shot.
    Gorgeous set, so fun and colourful.
    And the song is perfect.

    So glad you're back with SS&S :)

    1. Yes, come hang out more! I try to post every day, and I'm getting back into it with Blogtoberfest and Photo a Day October, and having time in general! xx

  2. Just stopping by quickly to see your post and tell you that I enjoyed it.

    It's been busy here the last few weeks, and we are about to go on vacation so I have been unable to participate for a week here and there (though I will have one this week!)

    Will be taking lots of pictures while we are away and will be back to SS&S full time when I get home again. :-)

    1. Thanks for dropping in Mark! Sounds like it's been vacations all round for you, Thea and me! Speak to you again on Thursday! :)


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