Saturday, 6 October 2012

Wardrobe Overhaul

Thanks to my hubby, son, and Ikea, I now have something good going on in my wardrobe. All of Jonathon's things were moved out of our little walk-in-robe into a BIG Pax Malm Wardrobe, and I've been able to give my own clothes more space. I haven't finished yet, but here are some before and after pics of my wardrobe showing the addition of an Expedit shelf. Love.



You might have noticed that I have one shoe forwards, one backwards?
I got this idea from Kate Gabrielle at her pretty blog, Scathingly Brilliant. 
It makes the shoes fit better than if they were both facing forward. Scathingly brilliant!

Day 6 of Blogtoberfest.



  1. WOW it must be in the air as I did my wardrobe on Friday, plus another blogger I know did her's too. Isn't it cathartic? I highly recommend it as a really wonderful thing to do ;) Yours looks excellent, Congratulations ;)

    1. I LOVE cleaning out my wardrobe - I feel crowded if I don't do it often, lol! But this is the first time I've had somewhere proper for my shoes. I'm loving it! xx


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