Thursday, 5 April 2012

Time for Holidays!

Last day of the school term today, and I am exhausted!
(image of Tamara de Lempicka's Sleeping Woman via

I've been trying to fit a lot into my life at the moment, and it has kept me mostly on my toes, but now I'm ready for some down time!

Things I intend to do in the holidays:

Eat chocolate eggs

(Lulu Bird Cage via


Watch films

Visit family

Celebrate birthdays (I'm allowing myself to have cake this month, as there are a lot of birthdays in our family!)

Hang out in the city

(Swan Bell Tower via


(Myer Store, Forrest Chase, via
(Antique Shop, London Court via

Create art

(Disney animation painter via

And obsess over art deco design

(Yves St Laurent's home via habitually

How about you - what have you got planned for the Easter holidays?



  1. love this blog ....lots of ideas of what to do and great shots...nice blog!

  2. Yay! The holidays are finally here. Happy Holiday's :)

  3. Hey there, hope you are enjoying the first night of your holidays! I would love to go into the city some time too, it has been ages since I was in there, so when you want to go let me know and maybe we can meet up xxx

  4. Happy holidays and Easter! Hope you have a lovely break, you deserve it!! SOunds like you have a lot of very fun things in store - enjoy :)

  5. Sounds like fun - especially the chocolate eggs and reading part. I've been reading classics on my Nook, since many are available for free.


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