Thursday, 19 April 2012

A Day in the Country - A Snap, A Set, A Song

For this week's A Snap, A Set, A Song, the theme is Country. After going through the templates on polyvore I found my inspiration. The colours, frames, and leaves of the template make me think of the film A Picnic at Hanging Rock, so this is my modern take on the romantic vintage look as seen in the film.

A Snap:

A Set:

A Day in the Country

H M v neck cardigan
£9.99 -

Dorothy Perkins back pack bag
$69 -

Tahitian pearl jewelry
$395 -

Red Herring spiral jewelry
£8 -

Stretch jewelry
£8 -

South sea pearl earrings
£4 -

DAY Birger et Mikkelsen gauze scarve
$120 -

£135 -

And a song by Taylor Swift:

 I totally love the art deco and Wizard of Oz influences in this clip, and the song is brilliant - pretty tune and perfect lyrics, especially for anyone feeling jaded about their friendships.

Pop over to Thea's blog, A Snap, A Set and a Song for some more interpretations of the Country theme, and play along if the inspiration takes you! 


  1. oh!! Great take of the 'country'!!! Love Picnic at Hanging Rock! And the clothes are divine.. I am not sure about this polyvore.. it seems to inspire me to spend money!!

    Love the clip!

  2. Me too, but some things are bargain prices! :)

  3. Totally gorgeous! I love your style. The colours are so soft. You reminded me that I saw Picnic at Hanging Rock in a small Brisbane theatre years ago, it was so good. Haven't seen the movie, should rectify that huh? Taylor Swift is so lovely. I hadn't heard this one, but all of her songs are good! My brother took my 13 yo neice to see her a few weeks ago. What a first concert for her!

    1. The movie is pretty spooky. It's fiction, but I still wouldn't visit Hanging Rock - ha!

      I only discovered Taylor Swift this year when I saw this video at a friend's place. She has pretty songs. xx

  4. Super clever and gorgeous!!
    I love the whole hanging rock spooky thing

  5. i like that ensemble! and taylor swift's mean video is so beautiful! :)

    <3, Mimi
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