Thursday, 12 April 2012

Blue Period - A Snap, A Set , and A Song

My blogging friend, Thea, has started a new blog called A Snap, A Set, and A Song which indulges my love of pictures, fashion and music. Thanks Thea, you're so clever!

This weeks theme is Blue. Straight away I thought of Picasso's Blue Period in the early 1900s, and while most of his paintings from this time are downright depressing, this one is not so bad.

Leaning Harlequin

My fave era at the moment (and possibly forever) is art deco, so I have created an art deco influenced look that I would wear to church in autumn/winter. (I remember now why I don't do polyvore often - because it takes me ages to search through all the lovely choices!)
Blue Period

Pleated dress
$340 -

Double breasted coat
$64 -

Nine West platform shoes
$68 -

Jigsaw clutch handbag
£39 -

Art deco jewelry

Blue jewelry
£32 -

Thierry Mugler fragrance
£99 -

Now for a song. The song actually came to me before I thought of Picasso, but of course the two are directly linked. I don't know if many people will know this band, The Smithereens, or the song, Blue Period, but if you wait until the second verse Belinda Carlisle joins in, and we all know her (well, those of us who grew up in the 80s do, lol!)

I love the pretty harmonies:

If you want to play along with us, Thea lets us know the theme on a Monday, and we post on Thursdays.

It's not too late! xx


  1. I am thrilled that you are joining in with this! I adore your image, the set is absolutely gorgeous...loving the clutch and neckace! And I've heard of the Smithereens but I hadn't heard that song before, love it! Especially with Belinda.

    1. It was fun, and we still get to do the music thing! xx

  2. Replies
    1. It was! Took me awhile to work out the polyvore site, but I can only get quicker from here! xx

  3. What a cute blog idea. Love your polyvore set.

  4. I want to buy everything you just posted = )
    Love it

    1. I want to buy it all too, but most of it is out of my price range! I would pay that much for the coat though...hmmm. xx

  5. a new header i the dress ...wish i didnt have a pear shaped body...i could wear it...everything is of the floating style for me now...OH well perhpas in another life????

    1. That's what different sizes are for, silly! You would look gorgeous in this! xx

  6. Ha, thanks for dropping in everyone! Join us again next Thursday! xx

  7. This blog idea makes me want to start blogging again! xx

  8. Love the Dress!! Great Blue Week!!!! I love it!! Completely different from what I had for blue!

  9. It's so interesting the way people interpret the theme. I love seeing the results! xx


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