Monday, 16 April 2012

Logie Awards 2012 Red Carpet Sparkle

 I totally forgot about watching the Logie Awards last night, but I couldn't wait to take a look at what all the ladies wore on the red carpet. To my delight, there was a vintage theme going on, with lots of glamour, lace and sparkle! These were my favourite dresses:

Lauryn Eagle

Magdalena Rose in Ae'lkemi

Hayley Lewis and Michelle Bridges in Alex Perry

Kimberley Davies

Jessinta Campbell

Laura Dundovic in Matthew Eager

Kate Ritchie in Steven Khalil

Megan Gale  in Alex Perry (with a very art deco Bvlgari clutch)

Natarsha Belling

Lavinia Nixon

Lauren Phillips in Jayson Brundsdon

Delta Goodrem in Ralph Lauren

Samara Weaving in Steven Khalil

and Asher Keddie in J'Aton

(although I actually prefer her dress from last year's awards.)

After seeing all that Hollywood-style glamour I feel like watching an old movie, don't you?

How about a collection of pretty dresses swirling about the dance floor:



  1. I loved Asher Keddie's dress I think she looked stunning

  2. Lots of gorgeous dresses this year!! I think Samara Weaving looked stunning! I follow Katrina from The Block's blog and I really loved her dress too which she had specially made.


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