Sunday, 13 March 2011

Sunday Session

It's music day, where I link up with Thea and share a newbie and an oldie.

Watching American Idol yesterday, I heard this song, and was spellbound by Skylar Grey's voice, the pretty piano, and Diddy's honest lyrics.

The setting of the Diddy vid, reminded me of this clip by Madonna. While not one of her bigger hits, the video and melody are haunting, and her voice is flawless.

Come and join us in this musical fest!


  1. Oh, it has been a long time since I heard that song from Madonna!

    My first visit to your blog and I am already offering unsolicited advice, but...I noticed the embedded video is too big for your blog post, so couldn't see the whole vid or click off the ad at the beginning of the video. I have the same prob, so I put in a custom width of 400 before copying the embed code. Hope this helps.

    Great Sunday Session, thanks for sharing these picks and for coming by to listen to mine!

  2. Thanks Shelley. Sorry, I usually make the video smaller, but I embedded them in a hurry, because I had to go out, and forgot to do that bit! Fixed now! xx

  3. I hadn't heard that Diddy song, I like it!!
    And I haven't heard Madonna's Frozen for ages.
    Great Sunday Session. :)

  4. Sunday Song/Session again where did that week go and what a week again! With Mother Nature in such turmoil I certainly need to hop around and listen to music this morning. Thanks for your selection,especially Madonna to cheer me today.

  5. Love, love, love this Madonna song. Loved the look she was rocking at this time too. Haha you listening to Diddy - ha too funny!!

  6. What are you trying to say, sweet sister of mine?? Are you saying I'm an old fart? Diddy is one year older than me!! Besides, I was hooked by the girl's voice first! ;b


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