Tuesday, 8 March 2011

My Place and Yours

Over at hello owl, Danielle has asked us to decide what ONE THING we would take from our home in an emergency. It's kind of impossible to name just one, because the last time we prepared to evacuate I packed the car full of stuff! I think there's a lot of things you can grab in a small amount of time, and I would mostly grab what I would pack in a suitcase if I was going for a holiday; clothes, shoes, toiletries, handbag, etc.

But something I wouldn't usually take on holiday is my external hard drive with all the photos we've taken over the years. Much easier to carry than photo albums or a computer, and something that can not be replaced.

Here he is:

I call him Max. I would definitely take him with me in an emergency!
(And now that I think of it, I'm going to keep him in my handbag at all times!)

I'm also going to work on making a civil defence pack, like the one Megan organised over at mousehouse.

What would be the ONE THING you would take in an emergency?


  1. My personal Bible and my wallet...Photo albums would be next. Then whatever crochet project I was working on. :-)) {Does this say something about my true priorities?!...I hope so!}

  2. Great choices! I tried not to think of books, because I thought it might be a bit decadent, but I agree, the Bible is a must have, especially to help you through difficult times like evacuation!
    And I totally get the money, photo albums and crocheting - you have to have something to do when not at home. Hmm...maybe I WOULD need a bag of books in a crisis... xx

  3. definately my external hard drive. Everytime we leave the hose it either goes into our safe or into my bag and goes with me. It has my childrens entire lives on it so is the most important things after my kids of course.

  4. Totally would want to save my pictures!

  5. Yes.. I think the external drive would be on my list too. Plus the manilla folder labeled family... with birth certs and important / special kiddy thing. the rest is mostly replacable.

  6. how about your 72 hour pack with all the above in it.... check the LDS church web site on how to put one together.... all you need is a back pack for a starting place ...then decide what you will pack in it ..store it by the front door or under the bed....where ever you think it is easy for you to grab...maybe the boot of the car???? but i love your idea of you hard drive...i am working on that..scan all the albums as well...they can always be reprinted...

  7. Oh, yes, Michelle all the important documents! How could I forget those!

    Aunty Anne, the 72 hour pack is a brilliant idea, and with all the disasters happening lately, I think it's definitely time to get onto it! The boot of the car is the perfect spot for a backpack for each of us.

    Scanning the albums is a good idea too, although, would take a long time! And I've just thought of another thing - our videos of Jack as a baby. Can't forget those!

    Oh, man, this really isn't one thing anymore is it? But at least it has us thinking about being prepared. Love to all of you for joining in with this project! xx


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