Sunday, 6 March 2011

Sunday Session

I'm playing along with Thea's Sunday Session, where we feature an old song and a new one.

Yesterday, I heard this song, True Faith, in Kmart of all places,and it took me back to my twenties. The video is pretty bizarre, so just turn it up loud and do something else for a few minutes!

I love R&B music (my favourite is Jordin Sparks), and this one is a gorgeous song by Charice, called Pyramid.


  1. Nostalgic music in the aisles. When my sister was 5 and whenever she heard her fav music playing she would just get up and dance.... anywhere even along the aisles at Woolies!!

  2. Aah, wish we all could lose our inhibitions and just dance! Most adults just dance on the inside, when they're out and about! If you see someone mouthing the words to a song at the supermarket, you can be sure they want to be dancing! xx

  3. Oh! Great old song from New Order!! That brings back memories.

    And I hadn't heard that song by Charice before, I love it!

    PS Love your carousel too, so pretty. :)

  4. Calling by from Italy via The's Sunday session to listen to your choices, yet new musicians for me, thanks for the introductions!

  5. I enjoyed the first one but sadly the second track was blocked for copyright reasons, anyway I enjoyed browsing around your blog. I also am a keen reader and have a book blog as well :) Anyway good to meet you today.

  6. Me again, sorry for hogging your comments but I have just spotted that you have become a follower on News From Italy and I wanted to thankyou, it is appreciated. I hope you will enjoy News From Italy.

  7. I love that New Order song! Great choice.It brings back great memories of school dances and happy days in the 80's. Thanks for this blast from the past!

    Best wishes,


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