Monday, 7 March 2011

Matinee Idols

I just wanted to talk about two actors that have amazed me this week.
Firstly, Adrien Brody.

Sure, I enjoyed his work in King Kong and Predators, but in The Pianist, he is incredible. I am fascinated by actors, because I wonder how they know their facial expressions will be right for a scene. Brody has the perfect expressions in every scene, and portrays oppression, poverty, hunger and desperation to perfection.

I remember him winning his Oscar for this role, and I revisited his acceptance speech and then put it here, because the last part brought me to tears.

Secondly, I have to highlight Angelina Jolie.

Yes, she is a strange one, and we know she's beautiful and too thin and has Brad Pitt, and a collection of children. But I cannot deny that her skills in action movies are untouchable! I remember seeing her in Tomb Raider, and thinking this is the type of role usually played by a man, but she is so cool, and calm, that the movie becomes more effective because of her. I am in awe of her physical skills, and I do think she is one of the most beautiful, bewitching women in Hollywood.

I have just reviewed two of these idols' films at my other blog A Choc Top and Me, so pop on over if you want to find out what these films are like.


  1. I agree, both intriguing! His Oscar acceptance speech is an all time great!
    Jolie brought me to absolute sobbing tears in A Mighty Heart. Talk about a mega pass the tissues performance ... my opinion of her changed!

  2. One of her movies I haven't seen. I will keep an eye out for it, because I like a movie to bring me to tears!

    Changeling was a brilliant story too. xx

  3. The Pianist was an amazing movie. Adrien is such a great actor and hope to see him in more movies. And I've always loved Angelina. She comes across as such a strong woman and a great actor. A Mighty Heart also brought me to tears too.

  4. Love Angelina as well, and how good was Salt?! I really enjoyed it, possibly because I guessed who was ultimately responsible (I won't give it away) early on and I was right, love being right!

  5. Megan, you worked out the ending? You clever thing! I always think people who can do that should be writers! xx


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