Sunday, 27 March 2011

Sunday Session - Female Icons

This has been an impossibly busy week, but I'm taking 5 minutes out to post my Sunday Session music picks for this week. Thea is away, so I can't link up to her meme, but, I thought I'd play anyway.

Besides, this song has been playing constantly in my head since I heard it in the car yesterday.

I really do not like the video (she is one wacky girl!), so I've included her performance from the Grammy awards this year, (it is still pretty weird) but the song is so catchy.

My selection for a song from the past had to be the Madonna song that Lady Gaga channelled (that is, ripped off) for her Born This Way melody. I played this song a kazillion times when it was released. I was about 19 years old, so 20 years ago (hmmm).

I still don't feel comfortable about all the crotch-grabbing, but I am amazed at the way both of these ladies dance and sing at the same time.
And you can't knock a good tune!


  1. well, we made up a dance for Express Yourself as part of our year 10 dance class....

    thinking back to it - we must have looked ridiculous! great song really though

    Gill xo

  2. Ha! Madonna lasted the distance for ever, but, now that Lady Gaga is here I think she has been replaced! xx


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