Thursday, 3 March 2011

In the City

 I was called for jury duty a couple of weeks ago, and had to go into the city for two days. I hadn't been there for eons, so I really enjoyed looking around at the shops and the old buildings that I have always loved.

This is the entrance to London Court, an alleyway of shops with a Tudor style architecture. Above the clock are some horses that go around every half hour. People always stop to watch them. I LOVE it!

Here is the entrance to Peter Alexander's pyjama shop. The pink doors are just gorgeous!

I sat here both days to have my lunch. I love this old building, the GPO.

And here is a happy statue in the Hay Street Mall that was just calling out to be photographed. Isn't it genius?

What are your favourite spots in the Perth city centre?


  1. I love the old buildings and the entrance to London Court looks like a step back in time. Beautiful architecture. I've only been to Perth Airport but I must stop by one day. Lovely city.

  2. Gorgeous shops ! wow. I think there should be more statues around like that one. Too cute!!

  3. i would love to come one day...but seeing them through your eyes has given me a taste of the beauty of it... beautiful city by the looks... perhaps one day

  4. I love the architecture. It makes me want to visit there. :)


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