Saturday, 1 January 2011

Welcoming the New Year

Hi, everyone! Hope you had the kind of New Year celebrations you wanted, whether it be party time, or a quiet evening at home maybe watching the fireworks on tele, like we did.

I had to start the year with a fresh new look to the blog. I took the carousel photo at the Perth Royal Show in October, and I just love the vibrant colours.

In terms of resolutions, it's same old, same old for me; more organisation, more crafting, lose weight etc, etc. All valid and worthwhile, but usually not achieved!

My BIG change this year is that I have started a raw food diet. After watching copious episodes of the Spa of Embarrassing Illnesses, and seeing what a thorough detox can do for your body, I decided to take out all the crap from my diet. That is, cakes, biscuits, meat, cooked food, cereal, chips, lollies, soft drink.
All I am eating now are salads, fruit, smoothies, dried fruit and nuts. So far I am loving it! There are lots of recipes and youtube videos on line to help get ideas for meals, so it is not too difficult. And it is so nice having only fruit and veg in a shopping trolley, rather than piles of frozen chips and packets of processed foods.
I'm not going to be able to convince Jonathon and Jack too quickly, but you never know.

Apparently a raw food diet can reverse diabetes which, to me, and surely to the world of people living with diabetes, would be a great motivaton to start this diet. I don't know if I have diabetes, but I certainly sleep after eating sugar, and am often sluggish throughout my days. I am also trying to defeat my allergies, as they tire me too.

At the risk of being too personal, I will say that so far all bloatedness is gone and all uncomfortable digestion pains are gone. I've been a little bit headachy before bed, but that's probably because my sleeping pattern isn't great at the moment. Something else to work on!

Anyway, I'll tell you how things go with the diet and see if it has more life changing effects!

Good luck with all your resolutions!


  1. good for you...i love it when you make a resolution and really give it your best shot... good luck...but then you wont need it as you are the one that makes it is up to you.
    wish you were here living ..i would live you to see my Naturopath...she is more than would love her.

  2. Love the carousel and good luck on your new diet. Those veggies look delicious!

  3. will be interested to see how the raw food diet goes. cheers to you, i couldn't do it. love the new look, the carrousel shot is lovely

  4. Happy New Year to you my beloved sister! Glad to hear the diet is going well. I have often considered going vegetarian but Dave is all carnivore so it would make it hard - particularly with my low iron levels. Love the photo of the carousel, I should really contemplate getting married there! Lots of love xoxo Kristie

  5. Best wishes for a fun and creative 2011!

    Good luck with the lifestyle changes.

  6. That is definitely a very big change!! Good luck with sticking to it and I hope it does the job :)


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