Monday, 10 January 2011

My Dad's 70th Birthday Party!

On Saturday night it was my Dad's 70th birthday party! Here he is, about to blow out the candles on his cake. (Sorry about all the blurry photos on this post, I need to figure out properly how to use my camera at night!)

It was a HUGE yummy-looking cake...

It was great to catch up with all of Dad's and my stepmum Jane's family and friends. There were a heap of family and friends from Collie, from the Apex Club, from the SEC, where he used to work, and from his work in cinemas. I got to catch up with a few of them and we had a good natter.

My nephew James and his girlfriend Sarah had put together a heap of photos (about 85) of Dad and his adventures over the years. The photos were shown on a big screen throughout the night and were very entertaining (I cringed at one of me from the eighties! Bad hair moment!)

Here is a nice one of Dad when he was young:

My nephew and his dad had set up the sound system for the venue, and after dinner, Dad's friend Barry sang a few old 60s songs with his acoustic guitar. Shock me, I even sang back up with my sister on Gloria!

My sister Leonie's family are way into music and have always encouraged Dad to sing along on karaoke nights.  After she sang Happy Birthday, by Concrete Blonde, with a beautiful crystal clear voice, Dad and Leonie got on stage, and gave their rendition of Dream, by the Everly Brothers. It was great! I was so proud of my Dad for getting up there and singing in front of friends he has had for 50 years!

Then my nephew James had a turn, singing When You Were Young, by the Killers. Man, he rocked the place! James has always been a drummer, plays guitar, has played in bands, and generally knows all things music, but singing up there like a true rock star really surprised me! He was amazing, and I think he should be the front man in a band!

My brother-in-law, Mal, is a singer from way back. He sang David Bowie's Let's Dance.
 (Again, sorry about the blurry shots!)

Then James' girlfriend, Sarah sang along with Britney Spears' Lucky. She is so pretty, and a real sweetie.

After a few more songs by James and Leonie, everyone started heading for the dance floor, with Dad and Jane, jiving the night away. Dad loves a good jive - there's no slowing him down!

Just before we went home at midnight I managed to get Jack to take a photo of me and Dad. Dad was a bit puffed after dancing for about an hour straight.

I'm so lucky to have a Dad like mine. He's a good, kind, straight-laced man, who loves music and movies, and looks out for his family and friends.

Hope you have a ton more birthdays, Dad - love you!!!


  1. what a wonderful living tribute to your dad Wendy.... i would have love to have seen a video of you as a back up singer ...(i had images of a sort of ABBA scene..all wrong i know!!!)...i wish i had of been there to see it all...i love a good sing a long..good on your dad..wonderful memories for you all.

  2. Great pictures - he looks great and I love the photo of him when he was young - so cute!

  3. what a lovely personal blog you have. I am truly enjoying your posts :)

  4. how cool that everyone is so greta with music in your family. Looked like a fun night.

  5. Aw, happy birthday to your dad! Looks like a fun party!

  6. This post is so lovely. How cool having a go at kareoke on his 70th. Thanks for sharing. x


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