Friday, 7 January 2011

Rocking the Raw Food Revolution!

I'm 7 days into my raw food journey, and I'm impressed that I'm going so well with it! Amazingly, I lost 2 kg in 5 days(!!!) which I'm very thankful for, because it has gone straight off my tummy. That bloated, uncomfortable feeling has gone, and, be warned, this is a bit of an over share, but, no flatulence, pretty much at all!

And I am enjoying the food! Banana for breakfast, fruit salad for lunch, hearty vegetable salad, or zucchini pasta dish for dinner, smoothie for dessert. Handfuls of nuts, strips of veges and dates for snacks. How can you not love it!

Probably the only thing I miss is some of the tastes of certain foods (such as lamb chops, and cake) but there are some raw food recipes out there which will give me more variety and some access to sweet foods, when I get the ingredients.

Not spending hours over cooking is great! Food is so quick and easy to prepare. And Jack is eating way more salad and fruit.

Another thing that is really helping my digestion is a daily dose of probiotic supplement. I have had it heaps before, but only really as a cure for bad digestion, rather than as a prevention. SOOO much more worthwhile used as a prevention, let me tell you!

The one I use is from our organic shop, found at We've been reps for this company for about 3 years now and I LOVE all their products. But now I want to put out a good word for this product In-liven.

Pricey, as, taken daily it will last about a month, but the benefits, as I have found this week, are brilliant. It's best mixed in with fruit juice, especially freshly squeezed, and will do you the world of good, not just for digestion, and weight-loss, but nutrition too.

Highly recommended!


  1. WOW, Congratulations, Well Done Wendy. If only I could follow suit ... :)Happy 2011 to YOU and Your Gorgeous Family. xo.

  2. Good for you! Keep up the good work!

  3. wow, you are so inspiring! i don't even know if i can ever do that. great job! :D

    <3, Mimi


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