Sunday, 30 January 2011

Linen Cupboard Overhaul

I've been a bit distracted lately, and my new routines have flown out the window a bit. But I did give my linen cupboard a makeover and wanted to share it with you. (By the way, this is really the wardrobe in our guest bedroom, not your standard linen cupboard.)

I bought 2 lots of linen storage bags from Avon (they often have good storage ideas) to pack all my spare pillows, cushions, blankets, and linen into. I packed all my winter clothes into one suitcase, and all Jonathon's winter clothes into another suitcase, packed another suitcase full of sleeping bags, and then rested the linen bags on top. It is packed in pretty tight, but at least it doesn't all fall out when you open the door like it used to when it looked like this:

Hilarious! And scary.  I managed to send on 4 blankets, a woollen underlay, and 4 pillows to different pastures, and found proper homes for all the extraneous clutter. I'm glad that's done!

For more inspiring makeover ideas, pop over to mousehouse!


  1. Good job!! It's a good feeling when the closets are all neat and tidy, isn't it?! I actually wrote a poem about it the last time me and hubby cleaned out ours!! ^_^ {But what DON'T I write a poem about?!! LOL}

  2. Very neat and tidy. I need to get me some of those bags from Avon.

    Have a good first day back at work.

    Love xox

  3. Hi Wendy, thanks heaps for linking up :) Your closet looks fab and those bags are a great idea. And it must have felt really good giving the blankets and other things away. Bet you feel great having that job done!

  4. you inspired me to do my linen cupboard too...(that is the only built in in this house)...and now it looks so tidy i wont let Kelv neat it..he has to ask me when he wants anything from there... he he
    GREAT JOB with the raw food a way of life for you now or just to lose the weight?

  5. Your cupboard looks great! I'm enjoying getting my home into some form of order this year; which is a mammoth task at my house :)


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