Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Addicted to Tangle

I had this great big pile of ironing that built up and I tried to ignore it for so long, but I've been spending this week trying to conquer it! To keep me entertained I recorded 10 episodes of  Series 1 of the Aussie show Tangle and I've watched all of it in two days.

I didn't even catch a glimpse of it the first time around, but they played it the other day on Showtime because Series 2 starts today.

Tangle is a depiction of family life in Australia, with parents who don't know their kids, wives who don't know their husbands and past flames coming into their lives to stir up trouble. There is also a pretty scary take on teenage kids and how they can be doing the wrong things right under your nose. We all think we're raising our kids right, but are we?

There is a whole lot of sneaky, two-timing, activity going on, which you can see on any show, but the most thought-provoking stuff is what the kids are up to. Sneaking into each others' bedrooms to have sex, finding dead bodies and playing with them, having parties in deserted houses, smoking dope in their upstairs bedrooms while the parents are downstairs, driving cars underage, being beaten up by a friend and then going on a joyride with them in the next scene. So scary. This show completely gives the message to BE AWARE.

Why would I watch a show like this? The actors are well-known and include Ben Mendelsohn, Justine Clarke, Matt Day and Catherine McClements, the houses are very cool, and the twists and turns in the story are interesting to watch. I like to study character and see how people make choices.

At the end of Series 1, one of the main characters is hit by a car, so I'm intrigued to see what happens... Series 2 starts tonight if you want to tune into an eye-opening Australian drama!


  1. Never even heard of it Wendy... was it on the sky channel??? if so that is why i havent seen it...sound like my sort of show ...i love the intrigue of real life...not that i dont appreciate fantasy...but real life is more my style....
    I need a website to check this one out please!!!

  2. OH i forgot...i love could always move here and i would be your ironing lady free of charge.....

  3. It was on Foxtel. But you can get it on DVD now! Big W have a lot of TV Series, but you can definitely get both series on line.

    About the ironing, I don't mind it, but I just avoided doing the clothes I didn't need once the summer heat really hit. I would pay you to be my ironing lady when times are busy! Ah, Tasmania, the dream that slipped through our fingers...Jack has been asking when we will visit again. xx

  4. I caught the ads for this series and was intrigued, however we don't get that channel so I missed it :(

    I was saying to Dave the other day that I would love to visit Tassie and we should organise to do it with you guys!


  5. Oh YES! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this show! I have seen both seasons! I HOPE HOPE HOPE they make a third! Ben Mendelsohn is horribly fabulous as Vince... and I love Justine Clarke and Catherine McClements too! OUTSTANDING show, I agree!!! xx

  6. Pip, I'm glad you saw it! And I hope it continues on too. Love watching those actors.:)

    Kris, going to Tassie together sounds like a good idea! You've got me thinking now...xx


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