Monday, 30 August 2010

Book Week Dress-Ups

Last week during Book Week at school, we all were invited to dress as a character from a book.
Jack won first prize for the Year 6 classes with his totally cool Joker costume:

After I convinced my prac student, Gemma to dress up as Alice (because with her youthfulness and blonde hair she can do it justice!),

I  made my own hat and tie and dressed somewhat like the Mad Hatter

(I just have to have some Wonderland in my life when I can!)


  1. Everyone looks wonderful. I award you all a prize of a cyber salute! xx

  2. That joker costume is fantastic. And also slightly creepy.

  3. Lovely photographs! Thanks for your comment!

    I am thinking I will go as Little Red Riding Hood :) I cannot remember what my teacher is going as.. But I am going to make a special appearance on Monday for it, just for the Kindy kids.

  4. i want to read again those quickly youth gives way to old age!!!!!

  5. You all look so good. Jack has embodied the Joker character - which is worrying! Love xx

  6. a much better effort than Hattie's class... they were all Princesses and superheroes! Jack looks AWESOME!!!!


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