Monday, 2 August 2010

30 Day Blog Journal - Day 2

Favourite Movies of All Time

I have so many favourite movies, but I will share the top five that inspire me, and that I watch again and again and again:


This film so inspires me to open a shop, be confident and creative, and make people happy! (Besides, have you noticed how hot Johnny Depp is? Swoon!)


Phantom of the Opera
I had heard people rave about the stage show of the Phantom for many years but never really taken notice. When I saw this film I was overcome with emotion at how beautiful the sets and the songs are, and at the heart-wrenching scenes near the end. The stage show with Anthony Warlow was brilliant too. His voice and presence are incredible!


The Wizard of Oz

This movie and characters are iconic, and the script has so many quotable quotes. Who hasn't said, " I'm melting, I'm melting," at some stage! Judy Garland IS Dorothy. The songs are unforgettable, and the magic, mesmerising.

Alice in Wonderland

This film scared me as a child, as I dreaded the thought of being lost in a strange land with no idea how to get home! The characters are so original and the script so quotable. The songs are divine! Highly inspiring, and my first inspiration for my etsy shop (coming back soon!)


The Dark Crystal

The first of it's kind. Masterful, fantastic, fascinating, enthralling. The story is brilliant.
The puppetry and sets: genius.


(By the way, check out my film review/response blog  A Choc-Top and Me for more of the films I love.)

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  1. Nice choice in movies! I love Chocolat and The Wizard of Oz too :)

  2. Great picks. I always wanted to see Phantom of the Opera. I love Wizard of Oz. :)

  3. oh i had forgotten about Chocolat... i must get that out when i have some free time...none right now...will send you an email soon and tell you all about it. Love ya XXXXX

  4. Wizard of Oz would have to be one of my all time favourites too :)


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