Monday, 2 August 2010

My Place and Yours - Green

For the last few weeks I've been too busy crafting to play this game at Hello Owl, so I thought I better get back into it! This week's theme is green, and I've chosen this little fellow to represent the green in my home.
One of my students from last year gave it to me as a Christmas gift, and I think it is just beautiful! (Also you get a glimpse of my new table runner and lantern. Loving!)

Head over to Hello Owl to see some more green ideas, and maybe play along! xx


  1. That's a nice sea green turtle. I like the lantern too.

  2. Oh he's so cute! What a lovely gift to receive. Love the table runner and lantern too :)

  3. I love turtles! My favourite animal in my favourite colour.

  4. What a lovely turtle you have some very thoughtful students.

  5. what a gorgeous little turtle.


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