Wednesday, 4 August 2010

30 Day Blog Journal - Day 3

Oh, I'm running a day behind, but anyway, here are my
To give me ideas for food, and how to make people happy,

because she has such a powerful way of overhauling failing hairdressing salons,

because you can see the way people live, find out what works well and what does not,
and then apply the good things to your own life

because she has the perfect strategies for helping parents to control their children's behaviour,

because I love photography, makeup, and clothes!

I know, I'm a total reality show junkie, but hey, I enjoy seeing people have their fifteen minutes of fame!


  1. OOO...I love Tabitha's Salon Makeover! She's so fierce!

  2. i like Top Chef and So You Think You Can Dance:)


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