Monday, 8 March 2010

Wearing Alice in Wonderland

I haven't yet had the chance to see the new Alice inWonderland movie, but I know it's going to be spectacular! I thought I'd share with you the Alice in Wonderland inspired bracelet I made with the beads from Lady B's store in Tasmania. They have the BEST Pandora style beads!

Can you see all the Wonderland motifs? The flowers, the deck of cards, the crown, the rabbit, the red heart, the teapot, the mushroom, the clock, the cat, all interspersed with red, black and clear jewels? (Double click the photo for more details.)

I LOVE my Alice bracelet, and wear it as often as possible!


  1. Beautiful flowers for a spring that doesn't want to arrive yet...

    This is my bracelet! defenitely!
    Have a great week! Don't miss my giveaway! Come to visit me!

  2. i love the bracelet Wendy!!!!

    and I am looking forward to see Alice in Wonderland! hehehe, and with Johnny Depp playing Mad Hatter, im really excited!

    ive been away for so long i know i have to make up having a giveaway on my blog, i hope you can come by.

    take care=)


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