Thursday, 18 March 2010

Red roses and a vintage lamp

I have just revived this little corner of our home, to give it a bit more personality.

(The photos are blurry because I took them in a hurry!) Firstly, I bought a new shade for this vintage lamp base that my Grandad made in the 60s. He made lots of things out of wood, and enjoyed whittling away pieces to make plaited designs and chains. I love it!

Also, at work the other day, a woman brought in tubs and tubs of red roses for free, because they were seconds, as some leaves had got burnt. I didn't even bother to take off those leaves, I think they have character the way they are.

There is a bowl in the centre (and, yes, I am going to buy a fancier one for here), that is holding all the stones that we have collected in our travels. So pretty!

The Parisian calendar is one I got late last year, so it is showing 2009 dates. That might be bad feng shui but too bad, the pictures take me away.

And, hey, I couldn't resist putting another Black Apple creation (one of the spring girls from last year) into the scene as well.

Loving the glow from the lamp and the dark woodiness of it all!

Love Wendy xxx


  1. you are getting good at this decorating ...i am proud of it!!!

  2. dim light and red roses! so romantic!


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