Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Easter Fun at School

The children at Kindy always make an Easter gift for their families, and this year the inspiration for the crafts came from Clever Patch They have an extensive range of craft supplies, and they were quick to send my order. Their site and catalogues have heaps of easy craft ideas too.

The children made these cute chick-in-the-egg cards (with a variety of pastel colours for the spots and card), and they made chick containers to hold chocolates (Cleverpatch use foam for the feet, but I thought these pipecleaner feet were even cuter!) The children made one chocolate for each person in their family. I always love hearing the kids exclaim "Happy Easter!" to their parents, as they run out of the classroom at the end of the term, and hand them their gift.

The kids also made some Easter hats for our end-of-term Easter party. They cut out a pre-drawn cone shape, glued four strips of bright coloured glossy paper on a slant, taped three matching tissue paper streamers at the top, stuck one big sticker in the middle and three at the bottom, and attached some hat elastic with masking tape. Easy and colourful!

We had a game of Duck, Duck, Goose too, but as it is Easter time, we called it Egg, Egg, Easter Bunny! What a barrel of laughs! Hope your Easter preparations are going well!


  1. What cute Easter crafts! Looks like your class had lots of fun making them.

  2. Thanks! We all did! But I'm so glad to be on holidays now. Whew!
    Wendy xx

  3. just love those little "proud of myself faces"
    i want to be in that class...

  4. Adorable! Your blog is beautiful and creative.

  5. Hi Wendy,

    Your pipe cleaner chicken feet are way cuter!

    So glad you like our site - we like yours too!

    The CleverPatch Team


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