Saturday, 27 February 2010

Random Vinyl Pick time

Today, the random vinyl pick from my singles collection is Michael Penn's "This and That", from 1990.

Michael Penn is Sean Penn's brother. (They also have another actor brother, Chris Penn, who was in Footloose.) Michael penn writes the most beautiful melodies and lyrics. He is a clever and romantic soul. I also have his single called "No Myth"which was an even bigger hit. He had one more album that I know of, and then, I'm not sure what happened to him...Must look him up on the net. Okay, I'm back from my search. Michael Penn has had 5 albums and has created original music for tons of films over the years. I was surprised to find out that he is married to Aimee Mann, who is also a brilliant singer/songwriter/musician. I love her work in the band, Til Tuesday, although she has an intense face that scares me a bit!

Check out these three songs:

This and That

Music Videos by VideoCure

No Myth (His eyes are captivating in this one!)

And my favourite Til Tuesday song, (Believed You Were) Lucky.


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  1. very interesting... never knew about him. Ill You TUbe it!


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