Thursday, 11 March 2010

5 minute makeover

We all have one of these drawers, the junk drawer. When you look closely, it's really all about stationery. Well, I popped into Kmart the other day and saw some $2 and $3 small baskets in a sale, and thought of this drawer. I couldn't bear to show you a before photo, but here is the after. It literally took 5 minutes to do, and I even have to take sneaky peaks every now and then just because I  love how much better it looks. So organised!!!


  1. it looks so neat! i am sooo into space organizers! we just moved to a new apartment and our closets are screaming for organizers!

  2. I'm loving your makeovers. Its so what I need. I've started, and hopefully, I'll keep going :)


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