Sunday, 28 March 2010

My sister's birthday

Oh, so busy, it has taken me a week to make this post! Last weekend we went to my sister's house for a barbecue lunch, for her birthday. So yum! And we had heaps of time to play with the lovely Lily. She is too cute! Check out the smiles she is giving out now! Love, love love!


  1. OH Wendy she is a darling...and isnt Jack the proud protective cousin...i think it is so nie when cousin get to spend time together..just like Jonathon and Sarah and Chels...they form bonds that are always there no matter what...

  2. Hi Wendy. Hope you are all well. What beautiful pictures. We really should organise a get together and meet little Lily whilst she's still little.... I know that my Mum would love to also see her and catch up with you all. Lotsa luv from my home to yours. Jenny

  3. Hi Jen! The school holidays start at the end of this week. I'll talk to Mum and Kristie, and then we'll give you a call about getting together. Can't wait! Wendy xxx


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