Tuesday, 14 July 2009

You don't see something like that every day!

I just have to share these photos, because, like me, some of you out there in the world of blog will find them amusing! To explain, we planted a bouganvillea bush years ago (like 10) and it grew like the vines outside Sleeping Beauty's castle! About once a month Jonathon has to get up on the roof and trim the thing because it flails around like some wild tree come to life.

Anyway...we have a bulk rubbish collection in a couple of weeks, and Jonathon decided enough was enough. He wanted that tree gone! Easier said than done, though, because it was behind another tree in our yard. So the whole boug tree had to be pulled out by the car with ropes, then dragged over the roof, kicked over the edge onto the driveway, and then hauled to the curb. Jack got these photos.



  1. I'm just so pleased the whole scenario didn't end up 'funny' (aka painful) enough for Funniest Home Videos!

  2. What a great lot of shots Jack..good job Jonathon...but i was too scared to go past the first pic in case it was a funniest hime video shot...i was holding my breath...glad it wasnt for one very obvious reason and sad it wasnt because it could have been a winner seeing you come down on all those prickly vines...ouch!!!!!

  3. Sweet JESUS! How did that thing GROW up there like that??? Hey, been perusing your site - haven't been on in a while cos I've been travelling. LOVE what you're doing with it. Hey, ring me cos I"ve got some festering ideas about a get together for Em for those who can't/won't be going to her Hens' night celebrations.
    Karen 0422494322


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