Saturday, 18 July 2009

The Launch of Whimsical Works, and The Lion

You might be wondering when and where I'm going to sell my cards. On Saturday, the 1st August, I am going to launch my etsy shop called Whimsical Works!!!!!! I will definitely be selling 4 Limited Edition Alice in Wonderland greeting card sets, and possibly the Alice in Wonderland character prints will be available too (remember those, from ages ago?) The Wizard of Oz card sets will be released soon after, along with the Wizard of Oz character prints (that I am currently working on). Hopefully, each month after that I will be able to release a new card set and character prints, but it just depends on finding the time to do it! Now that I'm on a roll, and have found my suppliers, it should be easier to get things together.

If you could help me out a little, I would love for my followers, regular readers and occasional readers, to promote the launch of Whimsical Works on their blog closer to the date. I'll post a photo that you can use on your blog, and if you could just do a little blurb for me that would be great! And leave a comment on my blog when you can - I get so excited when people leave comments and I always look at people's blogs when they leave a comment. Also, adding me to your blog roll would be awesome! I always look at other people's blog rolls to find new blogs.

Anyway, enough of the shameless plugs... the next character in my Wizard of Oz series is the Lion,
and here are the cards that reflect his colours, texture, fur and mane.

Coincidentally, my Dad is showing The Wizard of Oz at the Cygnet Cinema in a few weeks. If you are in Perth and live near Como you could always pop in to see the movie. You might even meet my Dad!


  1. send that link and on it goes...cant wait for you to get up and going will be famous....yeah i will know someone famous....go get em girl!!!!~

  2. Gorgeous cards - and I wish you all the very best with the shop launching stuff!

    (and my hearty thanks for your lovely recent comment)

  3. OHHHHH i love getting packages in the mail from special people....i got one today...Thank you so much Wendy for thinking of me...i cant wait to look like a movie star and smell like a Tahitinan breeze....
    keep checking my blog for an Alice in Wonderland wall hanging is started....

  4. hi Wendy,

    i would love to feature you as Shop of the Week for August. I think it would be perfect for the opening of your new Etsy shop!

    if you would kindly email me so i can send you the questions:)

  5. How exciting! Wow, this is good. Yaayyyy! Wendy xxx

  6. Awesome Wendy! Love the cards, you will do well. I have added a blog roll to my blog page and have added your details.

  7. yeah I love packages too!!! You were inspired cause I LOVE LOVE lip balm!!! Every day I put it on! You are a doll, thanks so much for the birthday surprise Wendy. You are sweet. xoxoxox


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