Sunday, 5 July 2009

Home decor choices

I borrowed this idea from another blog, Little Byrd Vintage, who was tagged to talk about it from another blog. The challenge is to name 5 things you love to do when decorating your home, and 5 things you would never do (or never do again, is my interpretation) when decorating your home.

1. Blue/Grey - When we first built this house I had an obsession with blue/grey; doors, benches, cupboards, blinds, paint. Pretty soon it was ugly, ugly ugly, and we are only just now finding the time to paint all the doors white. We'll get to the kitchen and bathroom renos one day...

2. Ocean theme - Another silly mistake, ocean theme feature tiles in the bathroom, that need to be replaced very soon. So old hat.

3. White laminated furniture - We've got white bedside cabinets that were meant to be temporary and have been there about six years! Baby stuff. Need to buy black/brown ones from Ikea. Soon.

4. Coloured walls - We have painted our walls a myriad of colours over the years, purple, blue, bright yellow, red, brown. We are in the process of painting them white (although I still love the caramel in the loungeroom and the red in Jack's playroom.) Here is a glimpse of the pink wall we still have lurking in the house. What was I thinking???

5. Stripes and the nautical look - As you have gathered, are so not me.


1. Asian influenced decor - I adore cherry blossoms, any sort of blossom really, and the theme just branched out (excuse the pun) from there.

2. Dark frames with beautiful art - Just waiting to put up these frames with pictures from The Black Apple. About to get some new pictures from Georgia Parsons too. Can't wait!

This paper tole picture, that I LOVE, was made many years ago, by my Mum.

3. Antiques - Love these classic pieces - my Nanna's clock, my Mum's piano, my Dad's gramophone, and my scrapbooking desk.

4. White walls and doors - slowly but surely...aaahhh.

5. White French doors - Always wanted a set of these in my house. Love.

I wonder if anyone else out there DARES to show their Nevers and Always of home decorating.



  1. i think i have a masters apprentie for my Interior Design business !!!! you are doing greaqt ...ha ha i had a laugh at the bathroom tiles...gotta love that ocean theme....trouble is with tiles it is such a major reno... love the Asian influence....

  2. you know what i've always wanted to move in a home we can decorate... the place we're renting now is well... not much u can do,:)

  3. Well, you have not blogged today...yet? it is only midnight still time to go! Perhaps you were busy being a bridesmaid today for a little while at least. Cant wait to see photos of you in your beautiful dress. You looked and will look stunning. Thank you for your time today and every day of my life. You are the most wonderful friend and we love you dearly x


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