Friday, 10 July 2009

Bit of excitement

There's a bit of excitement in the Sice Family house at the moment, as goodies are arriving from all over to help with my card making venture! Beautiful coloured boxes from Spotlight,

card blanks and envelopes from Castle Cards...

and more things still to come. I've been making little labels for the card sets, and soon there will be finished boxes of cards!

Makes me smile (and make silly little shrill sounds of excitement!)


  1. I can imagine - I always get excited about boxes (think it stems from a childhood fascination with the cardboard packing variety) but then you're even putting cards in 'em!

  2. you never cease to amaze me with your energy for craft... go fo it girl...this could turn into something beigger thatn Ben Hur you know...are they going onto etsy????
    i am sorting the quilt this week ...been a mad house here for the last couple of months ..grandkids, stayovers in Hobart, death of rellies,visits to the aged(and there are a few of them),working for the boutique, new church calling as Activities Com person, keeping the house all OCB clean for the sale...need i go on?????...but i need to do something for me and it starts this week with the quilt...i will take step by step pics and post them...Yeah i have something to look foward to.... at last


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