Tuesday, 15 June 2010

My Place and Yours - Treasure

It has been ages since I've posted, but I am BACK! First I am going to play along with the My Place and Yours meme at Hello Owl. The theme this week is Treasure, chosen by Stripey Monkey.

I know we are supposed to show a treasure from our home, but you have seen most of my home's treasures already! So, here is a treasure that arrived this week from Jonathon's folks in Tassie. They took a trip to Hobart, stopped at one of our favourite places, The Cadbury Chocolate Factory, and sent us this 5kg box of chocolates!!!! Oh my gawsh! (Alas, poor diet, I knew you well....)


Go check out some more treasures at Hello Owl!


  1. now that is what i call real treasure!!!!

    yum yum munch munch munch........

    linda :)

  2. Love your post! Yummo that's a true treasure, save the dark chocs for me please!
    Thank YOU Wendy for your lovely comment - having shelves on the wall is a total dream ;-) See you next week. xo

  3. OHHHHHH...that would be a big NO NO for me...you know you that the box is going to last you all year ...i have tried it and FAILED miserably...so i am glad that Hobart is 2 hours away and that you now have to pay an entrance fee to get into that Factory before you van even buy any hocolates ...otherwise i would be sorely tempted....going.. going ....gone.... choccies and diet....

  4. yummy!!! oh all that candy. :D


  5. lol thats a real little treasure booty you have there. My hubby would be in chocolate heaven at the sight of that. I love that you have your mums trifle recipe which is made and eaten at xmas time too. Nice to know other families have similar traditions. It is special having a piece of your grandmothers furniture.

  6. awesome! the cadbury factory is so cool! we went there on our honeymoon! :) thanks for sharing!


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