Saturday, 26 June 2010

Doing the Geek thing

We did something really geeky today; went to the Supanova Pop Culture Expo at the Claremont Showgrounds. The main lure for my boys was to see the wrestling, the tv/movie superstars and to check out the games and toys. The main lure for me was to meet the authors of fantasy books.

We didn't quite expect the crowd which was dominated by 20+ obsessives in fancy dress! There were superheroes, monsters, anime characters, ghostbusters, goths, Lolita girls and the whole gamut of sci-fi characters.

We felt a tad out of place.

However, being a goth/mod try hard in my youth, I could somewhat relate to the costumery and geekery of the whole thing, and LOVED meeting 3 Aussie fantasy authors at the Borders book stand. They were so friendly and sweet.

(From left to right Christian Tamblyn, Jennifer Fallon and Marianne de Pierres)

I bought three books (one of each of these authors), which I can tell will be great reads!

Hubby and friend were mildly spooked by the overdressed crowd, even though I tried to explain they were just all frustrated actors.

We caught glimpses of Lou Ferrigno (the original Hulk),

Michael Winslow from Police Academy (sorry about the crappy photos),

and Chaske Spencer from Twilight (dang, I didn't get a photo of him.)

After two hours of wandering amongst the stalls, bumping into Hello Kitty lookalikes and perusing the steampunk jewellery, we headed home, first popping into a shopping centre to acclimatise ourselves to being amongst 'normal' suburban people again! (Sorry, that sounds so snobbish, but we were just so overwhelmed by it all!)

The show is on again on Sunday, so if you live in Perth and want to suss out this curious gig, pop down to the Claremont Showgrounds. Oh, and go in fancy dress if you wish!


  1. OH WOW...that sounds awesome Wendy...not that i am into Fantasy. Geeks and all that Jazz...but i was thinking how good it would be to live in a big know the "fors" and "againsts" thing??? going to an experience like that would be a "for" i think..even just to see the "eyeball" experience...(we did have Kathy Reichs(author of the Bones Series) visit last year and i went to see her and even got to ask her aquestion from the floor...does that count???)

  2. That looks like a fun day. It does feel odd walking around all the people in cosplay, I agree. Like you've suddenly entered another zone! :)

    I'm going to look up the authors you mentioned, always fun to find new scifi/fantasy.

    I'm reading Connie Willis' books at the moment. Worth looking up if you like a bit of history with your scifi/fantasy.


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