Wednesday, 16 June 2010

New Goodies in the House

I'm slowly recovering from writing 40 kindy reports (count em, 40; they took FOREVER!) and bought myself a few rewards for getting through them! (Any excuse for some retail therapy.)

Some new novels - so exciting!!

I've started the Cookie Club, because really, how could I resist that cuter than cute cover! (The story is good too!) The other too are follow-ups to books I've read recently, so I HAD to get those!! (By the way, you can read my book reviews at Wise Owl Books.)

Also we got a new washing machine, yay!

And a new kettle, to cope with the endless stream of peppermint tea that I drink around here!

Have you spoiled yourself with any new purchases lately?


  1. no i havent but i am looking forward to it:) having a new washing machine sounds wonderful!

  2. congrats on finishing your reports - i have 37 so i'm feeling similar pain to you! should have them finished tonight though, yay! my retail therapy will be coming when i go to perth this weekend. so far i have planned a massage and something new...

  3. the cookie club looks sooo interesting. :D


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