Sunday, 4 July 2010

So...I'm on holidays!!!!

School finished for two weeks on Friday, and I already have a full-blown cold!! I always get a holiday cold, so I'm glad we didn't plan to go away! I'm going to be doing a lot of catching up this holiday, with family, with housework, with blogging, with my etsy shop. So much to do!

Now, to totally change the subject...I was watching Any Dream Will Do on Foxtel, and there was a guest performance by Meatloaf singing Cry Over Me. I'm not a huge fan of Meatloaf, but this song and his voice blew me away! He usually sings melodramatic Jim Steinman songs and has an annoying vibrato, but this Diane Warren song has so much heart and his voice goes into another realm. Give it a listen!


  1. yay for holidays but boo for the cold!! i'm so very much hoping i don't get one, holiday colds are the worst! hope yours passes quickly :)

  2. 2 weeks off! that sounds inviting! drink lot of water and juice to drive away that cold! enjoy your vacation:)

  3. Thanks guys! I hope the cold doesn't last too long! Wendy xx

  4. Oh you poor thing...fancy getting a cold when you should be enjoying the holidays..
    Vitamic C...get stuck into at least one thousand milligrams a day...that will fight it off...i can vouch for that...and herbal tea...nice and warm and lots of it....


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