Thursday, 15 April 2010

My Creative Space - Painting

I am still painting my Alice in Wonderland characters, so I thought I'd show you my upcycled tools of the trade! We abandoned this spice rack when I madeover my pantry, and it is perfect for holding all my paints. My palette is an ice-cube tray! No fancy studio to work in (I would love one) but our dining table is a huge surface to work on, and I can watch the tele while I paint. You can see more creative spaces on my bloglist, and over at kootoyoo. Check them out!


  1. For some reason, I'm always much better at getting down to things when it's at the kitchen table. Going into the (very small) studio seems so, so, er, like work.

  2. i love a bit of tv while i work. my space is portable between my cottage and the family room. i love your painting and i think your upcycling of abandoned kitchen wares is truly ace


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